Thursday, June 2, 2011


To my dearest supporters,
Please forgive my serious gap between my last blog and this one.  My lame excuse of being too busy is not valid because in the end, we are all busy.  
To catch you up with everything that has happened since my last blog would take an entire book, and trying to decide on which of the crazy events to tell is too difficult for my tiny brain.  Between flying a helicopter with my best friend Jesse, my trip to visit the village with Jamie and Jesse, moving to a new house, watching a triathlon, spending time with Steve and Ginny… the list goes on for quite a way.  So though I may refer back to those events, I won’t be telling all the stories, sorry.
As far as where things stand right now, I have moved to a house about 10 minutes from ITEC with 7 other guys: 3 interns, 2 men that are working with other organizations that partner with us, my roommate from ITEC, Jonathan, and Robbie, who is a engineer and knows engines like the back of his hand.  I moved in last week and spent the week working on getting it ready, though I was not able to complete it in time, I did manage to get most of the repairs done.  The interns arrived Monday around lunch, Drew, Brian, Dan, and Alicia .  They are all here for the next 5 or 6 weeks working on video stuff for ITEC.  When they arrived, I quit working and after dropping everyone’s stuff off, we went to lunch.  It has only been a few days since they got here, but I have had a blast with them, I spend most of my time working on my own, so getting to spend time with a bunch of people my age after work has been a real blessing.
The Life University building is nearly complete, I think that it should be totally useable by the end of next week, provided I am not dragged off to work on something else.
Two weekends ago, I was in south Georgia to watch Jimmy and Jamie do a triathlon along with Jimmy’s wife and Neil Brown.  I had met Neil before, he goes to the same church as I do, in fact he sits up front right next to where Jamie and I sit, but I had no idea that he was into running, swimming, cycling, and outdoor sports in general.  Jimmy and Jamie kept referring to him as “coach”.  So as the day went on I learned that he has done several marathons including the Boston marathon,  adventure races, and several triathlons.  In fact, for his first triathlon, he did an Ironman.  Upon hearing this, I was astonished. On the way home, I peppered him with questions, all the while taking notes.  In the end, I asked him to coach me for my marathon and after I finish that I want to do the adventure races.  He had me pick a marathon and now he is making me a training schedule.  I picked a half marathon on October 1st, and a full marathon November 27th.
I am still working on getting my medical certificate, at this point, all I need to do is do a stress test for the FAA.  I finally managed to get an appointment with a cardiologist down in Inverness, FL.  I am doing the test June 2, some prayers would be nice for that.  I just want it to go smoothly and not have any hiccups.
Friday, I am going to Ocala to volunteer for a middle school event that our church is putting on.  I am a team leader over 15 middle-schoolers. To be honest, I have no idea what to expect; I am just going to show up and find out.  Another one of my friends who is also a team leader keeps telling me that I am not going to have a voice by the end of the day.  As long as my team beats his team I will consider it a worthwhile sacrifice. :)
I was asked to share my testimony on Tuesday night at our college age meeting that we do every week.  Guess we’ll see how that goes too. I actually have not gone in the past 2 weeks because I have been working late so I suppose I better make sure that I am not working late next week.
Thank you all for your support, I could not do this without your help. Hope you are all doing well, have a wonderful day.

Your brother in Christ,