Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today is the last day of Call2All and I find myself full of very mixed emotions.  Part of me is excited to see how much these missions organizations have accomplished over the past decade or so. Another part of me is sad to find the number of people groups that still have not been reached.  The rest of these emotions are selfish, I am confused in wondering what my part is, excited to be in full time ministry, and sad and frustrated because I am not on the front lines of the mission field.

I heard the story of “Table 71” and that kind of thing sets me on fire.  I have seen the numbers of unreached/unengaged people groups of when the table 71 event happened and what they are now.  It is so incredible to see how much God is using these organizations to make it possible to fulfill the great commission.  It is also exciting to be apart of a conference where the Christian leaders of hundreds or organization are working together to 1. Blur the lines of the organization and work as one to fulfill the great commission. And 2. Strategize to work together and combine our resources to fulfill the great commission efficiently and effectively. 

Most the people here are Christian leaders from organizations or representatives or organizations so most of the sessions are geared toward them.  Yesterday I was part of a session that was working on filling out commitment papers: papers that you would commit to giving money, or commitment to start a church in places where there are unreached people groups.  I was really having a hard time with filling it out because I really wanted to fill it out and commit to an unreached people group but I couldn’t because I work for ITEC and I am not a leader of ITEC so I have no say in the matter.

To be totally honest, I have been really struggling with not being on the front lines in missions.  I am not the person actually helping the lost and needy.  I want to be one of the pioneers, someone that is really using the tools to help fulfill the Great Commission.  However, I have been in missions long enough to know that every part is just as important as the other.  Steve has reminded me that it is the people at home that provide the means for the soldiers to be effective.

ITEC is not an organization that has missionaries at its disposal to send overseas; that is not our part.  Our part is to provide door-openers for missionaries on the front lines to be more affective in spreading the gospel and helping peoples felt needs. It is our job to partner with organizations, to blur the lines of the different organizations, and work together to do God’s will, God’s way. I know of half a dozen stories off the top of my head in which our dental system or optometry kit has helped people get into villages that were formerly hostile and spread the gospel as well as meet their physical needs.

I have considered going on a trip to Australia with Sam to get a chance to work on the front lines for a bit.  Maybe that will happen, maybe it won't. But I have peace about being at ITEC, I honestly feel that God has me there, and I don’t plan on leaving until God leads me to.  I can see that what I do at ITEC is important and what God wants me to do.