Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pray for Medical

This blog post was actually written on June 29th so you will have to go back in time to make sense of some of it:)
At the start of June I started training for a marathon I plan to run at the end of November.  I actually have two races planned, a half marathon at the beginning of October and a full marathon at the end of November.  I got about 2 weeks into it when I got shin splints.  It was quite the way to start this long, hard core, training.  I took two weeks off from running, and iced it a few times a day.  Well, I thought it worked.  I ran 4 miles before Volley Ball on Monday just to see how it help up.  I didn’t want to just jump into 6 and 7 milers right off the bat.  It seemed to do fine.  But this morning, I was only able to do 3, my right leg was in some ridiculous pain. 
            In a previous blog, I talked about meeting an Aviation Medical Examiner at Sun-N-Fun Airshow.  I am meeting him on the 7th of July to figure this last bit of my medical certificate problem.  He made me a VIP appointment, I am the only person he is seeing that day.  I did incredible on my stress test, thanks to your prayers.  I broke the record, at least for that office.  So something to add to your prayer list is that we would finally get everything figured out so I can get my medical certificate.  I only have a few lessons left with my instructor and then all my solo time and then I can take my check ride for my license. 
            I don’t fly as much as I used to because it costs money to have my instructor in the plane, I generally fly every couple weeks to maintain my skill keep up with what I know.  I went flying last week for the first time in quite a while and did surprisingly well.  Landing is generally where I have the most trouble, but during my last lesson, I did 4 landings and they were all really good. 
            I signed up for a Volley Ball league at the YMCA in Ocala about a month ago and tonight was our first game of the season.  I already go on Monday nights just to have fun for the most part, but also to practice and meet people.  Tonight, our team played really well, and won both games, 12-25 and 17-25.   The other team I had never seen at the Y before so I don’t know how much they play.  I must say, I was pretty lucky to be on this team.   The team leader asked me to be on his team right before I signed up.  They are all really good players and I am learning a lot from them. 
            Tomorrow I am headed to something that my church does called Dinner D8.  Basically, there are about a dozen families in the church that host a dinner at their house once a month. Everyone that wants to be a part of Dinner D8 sign up and the church does a drawing for each house and that’s where you end up for dinner that month.  There are generally about 3 or 4 families at each Dinner.  I had a great time at my last one and am really looking forward to tomorrow's.
            The Mavericks are coming along pretty well.  They are nearly finished with one, now they have two more. The reason this one has taken so long is because we have changed so much on it.  It is slightly longer, and a more powerful engine, and the list goes one.  So every time we change one thing, we have to adjust all the other parts that it affects and then we have to draft it in the computer so we know how to do it in the next Maverick.  So now that we are almost finished with this one, the others should quickly follow, at least that is what I am told.  At ITEC however,  things change so quickly I think that it should be fined. Every day is organized chaos.
            Thank you so much all of you who answered my mom’s email and helped me with support.  It was very much needed and even more appreciated.  Please be praying for appointment on the 7th with the Aviation Medical Examiner.  I really would like to get this resolved.  God's will be done, not mine.  I love you all so much.
Your brother in Christ,