Saturday, August 4, 2012

Steve Comes Home

So, I have some exciting new this post.  Firstly, my medical test results are in the mail and hopefully will be in the hands of the FAA today (Friday).  So now I am playing the waiting game; the ball is in their field.  I am hopeful though, and anxious to hear back.  Thank you, all who helped me pay for my medical bills. You all took quite a chunk out of it for me, thanks so much!!

Neat story about the medical bill help, I was having a pretty rough morning, pretty overwhelmed with the financial bit of these medical tests.  When I got to ITEC, I saw that I had some mail from the day before with yet another bill.  The one thing that was going through my mind was the passage of scripture that I had been reading the day before in Matthew 6 where Christ tells us not to worry.  Particularly verse 33,
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”  I continued thinking this and praying as I walked back out to my truck, then sort of forgot my worry while I was working.  Then, at lunch, I was told I had some more mail.  It was a letter from a good friend of ITEC’s and someone I got to spend a decent bit of time with last time he was here.  I did a lot of the orientation for his daughter and two other interns that went to Ecuador a couple of months ago.  He had read my blog and sent me some money to help with the medical needs. I just sat there and read his letter like 5 times and praying all the while. God is definitely looking out for me.

As for the second, Steve comes home tomorrow (Saturday)!!!  I have already built some ramps from his garage into his house and today my project is putting in a handrail for the step onto his front porch.  I saw him in Gainesville last weekend and he was doing really well.  His brother Phil was there too. Between the two of us, we have gotten his rehab stuff put together and made access to the house. 
Wednesday morning, all of ITEC showed up and made more room in the garage so that there would be room for him to get out of the car with his walker and make it to the ramps.

At my last visit, I could definitely tell Steve was ready to come home.  I think it has been 6 weeks!! He is definitely moving a lot better, the rehab is really helping him a lot. He was as sharp and picky as ever. I brought my measuring tape and not pad into the room because Jesse wanted me to see the handrails and ramps that they use in the exercise room for him and replicate them at the house. He had me measuring everything, including how much he could open and close his hands.  

When I left, he thanked me for coming and for prepping his house of this return and for all that I do at I-TEC, and ended by telling me that he loved me. I find it incredible that the man that is in pain and unable to care for himself is the one that is encouraging me. I'm the one trying to help him and do everything i can for him and yet he did more for me in that one statement than i can put into words. Is this one of those moments where you see God's strength in our weakness? Or perhaps it is one of those things that just seems reverse but is actually the way God wants it. Kind of like, in giving we receive, or to be the greatest of all you must become the least, to gain you must loose. Perhaps, it is all of the above. It's just another one of those times where things seem backwards to me, but on the second glance, it's correct. Hard to put into words what I'm saying. Just an observation of mine.

Anyway, that’s all for now, thanks again for all of your help.  I am continually grateful for your part in helping me do what I do.

God Bless,