Friday, February 25, 2011


So my trip up here was relatively uneventful.  I talked to Steve and Ginny on the phone to let them know I was heading out and stopped at a coffee shop called “The Great American Coffee Roasters” to say good bye to some of my friends and get a drink that is come sort of iced Caramel Macchiato but with a little more of a kick in to it.  My friends told me to get it, they code named it “Jet Pack”, I briefly wondered if I should get one to put in my car’s gas tank.
At about 4 in the morning, I was about 3 hours from home, and I thought that since I was going to arrive on a Saturday, I should get an hour of sleep so that I could at least be partially awake to spend some time with my friends.  I realized just how far gone my brain was when I made this decision when my alarm went off at 5.  I was so tired, and felt sick, I immediately knew that I should have just kept driving and slept when I got home.  I stepped out of my car to head to the bathroom to splash water on my face, and suddenly realized that it was unnecessary, it was freezing outside!!  I have become a Florida boy.
The final 3 hours seemed to take an eternity, and as I entered into familiar territory, I started looking for anyone I knew or a vehicle I recognized. As I pulled on to the final road, my mom passed me, we stopped and I opened my door to get out but my mom only rolled down her window.  I paused midway out of the car and was shocked to hear the first words out of her mouth.  No it wasn’t, “Great to see you son!” or , “Welcome Home!”.  It was “I have to go to Jackson, I’ll be back in a few hours”. I must say it was a bit of a shock, all I could do, as I drove away, was shake my head in awe of how far gone she was, and say aloud to the nonexistent passengers in my car, “My mom must be getting married”
I saw a few people before going to sleep at Nathanael’s house.  When I woke up, my first stop was Paul and Tipharah’s house where saw my nephew, Dominic, for the first time, and see my adorable niece Vesper, who is now as addicted to flying as I am.  I put her in her wagon and “flew” her all over the house, making her talk as if she was talking to a control tower.  Now every time she sees me she asks me to take her “flying”, Paul thanked me for giving him a workout every night.  Vesper never wants to land, she is always telling me to take her back up, I keep having to explain to her that the “engine” needs to rest.
            I spent some time throughout the day with several of my friends, and at the coffee shop; it was so awesome.  I seem to get a little recharge with every hug I get from someone at home.  And every conversation I have, I feel more built up.  I am so grateful for the village, for having a place where I can come when I am drained, tired, and need recharging.  I thank them all for supporting me and continually praying for me. 
            I am heading home from Memphis today, where I have been for the past 2 days.  I have enjoyed spending time with them.  We watched a movie together last night called, “Everything is Spiritual” by Rob Bell.  It is a really awesome movie, I won’t try to explain it in this post, I would be typing for several pages and probably completely mess it up for you, I highly recommend it.  I had coffee with Joel this morning, he was one of my foreman when we worked together, and someone I use to live with here in Memphis last year.  It was time well spent.
            Thank you all so much for your support and prayers.  It has been very awesome, working for Steve and it is you that makes it possible for me to do that.  He and I had a very encouraging talk before I left.  And Ginny is like my mom down there, every time I am around her, I feel totally taken care of and part of the family.  Thanks again,

Your brother in Christ,


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I wrote this blog on Sunday, but the internet has not been working on my computer for some reason and i have not been able to post it, so here it is anyway.

I first must apologize for not posting a blog in so long.  So much happens here it is hard to know what to write about, not to mention finding time to do it.  It has been crazy, as usual, and hard to find time for anything other than work, I didn’t even get to have a flying lesson for a week. 
            Second, I have a very exciting announcement, my nephew was born this morning in TN, I cant wait to see him.  I stay the night in Ocala on Saturdays at Jamie’s house since I go to church with him, and I got a text really early this morning telling me.  I cant say that I slept much, I have problems falling asleep sometimes, and last night was one of those nights, but this night had a slight twist to it.  Jamie’s 2 year old, identical twins, Lilly and Chloe, decided that they fancied night time strolls around the house.  On several occasions their parents had to come out and put them back in bed.  I must have drifted off at least a few times because a few times I had never heard them come into the living room and just woke up with them in there.  The second time this happened, I awoke to one of their faces about 6 inches from mine.  I was afraid to move incase it scared them, they were already in bed when I got to the house, I almost immediately regretted this act of kindness when the one staring me in the face sneezed.
            Steve left this morning in ITEC’s RV 10, he and another guy that is on our board, are flying to Lynchburg, VA today and several other places on the way back.  They are suppose to be back on Wednesday.  I almost got to go, Steve asked me if I wanted to yesterday evening, and I of course said yes, but after he made a few phone calls with the people that were housing us, it turned out I wouldn’t be able to, maybe next time.  One of the organizations that they are going to speak at is JAARs, an aviation organization that I looked up when I was still in school, I don’t really remember much about them, but it would have been nice to meet some people in the organization, I have been looking at the requirements of each organization. 
            And speaking of trips, I will be visiting the Village next week for my moms wedding!  I am very excited, and ready to see everyone, it has been a long 2 ½ months, and this was a short leg I am afraid, after this visit I am not sure when I will be able to go up there.  The plan is to leave here Friday after work and drive through the night.  So I should arrive Saturday morning about the same time that my brother-in-law’s coffee shop opens, a very good place to make a stop after driving all night :)
            Most of this week will be spent working on getting to a good stopping point on my projects, the main one is getting the Maverick building ready to move into.  Lord willing it will be done by the time I leave Friday, at least done enough to move into.  Also, there is a few things that I need to do on my car to get it ready for a trip, some of which I did tonight. 
            I am looking forward to seeing everyone at home.  Thank you all for your prayers and support, it has gotten me through these past couple of months.

Your brother in Christ,


Thursday, February 3, 2011


This week we have had several representatives from YWAM (Youth With A Mission) including the founders son David Cunningham.  They are going to buy two Mavericks at this point and do something like a TV show which will follow the Mavericks from out of our shop where they were assembled, to the Amazon Jungle.  They will be driving and flying the whole way with a camera crew and other YWAMers.  They have a program called Grass Roots News International, and since I will butcher the explanation of it, I will leave it to them to tell you. The website is called, and you should definitely visit it.  One thing that I didn’t see on there is their next big plan.  YWAM has 32 teams that are going to split up and go to 192 countries in 80 days.  I think he said that each team is going to spend about 2 weeks in each country.
Yesterday, David Cunningham asked us to go to the YWAM Training area near Orlando and show them the Maverick.  We did, I didn’t know where they were going till Troy asked me if I wanted to go about 10 minutes before departure.  Of course I wanted to, there were going to be tons of people around that were all going to the mission field.  I rode in the truck with Troy and Laura (Troy’s wife) and pretty much everyone else rode in Steve’s van.  We got there first cause they had to stop at Steve’s house, and we had the Maverick unloaded just outside the Training area before Steve arrived.  
          I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I was told we were going to a YWAM training area, but I was really excited when I found myself in, what seemed to be, the jungle.  Troy and Steve were even surprised I think.  I was driving the truck and trailer now, and I thought that I was driving in an overgrown state park. The roads were dirt, or rather sand, and the turns and hills were sharp and the forest ceiling was low, there were times when the top of the trailer was far closer to hitting low branches than I would have liked.  Steve was way ahead of us in the Maverick, he must have been having the time of his life.  When we pulled up to where we were going to be having dinner (a really old rotten wood pavilion) we saw the Maverick sudden drop out of sight.  There was a really steep hill that was about 8ft high that Steve decided that he would just take the express ride down, and it wasn’t too steep that the Maverick wasn’t able to get back up with a bit of speed.  Troy said something about Steve having a wild spark in him, I didn’t think that Troy had a whole lot of room to talk, I have seen him go crazy in the driver seat too.
We drove it around as a car for a while then put of the parachute just to show them what it looked like, it was going to get dark too soon to fly it. I saw them fly it for the first time on Monday, and while doing so I had one of those cartoon moments while, thankfully, no one was watching.  I was tying the plane down after my lesson, and was planning on going around the wing to get the headset off the front, but since I was watching in awe as the Maverick flew in circles around the airport, I slammed my head into the side of the wing.  Turns out I am not the only one, Troy said he has had his fair share of head injuries.  Apparently, the wing is just at the right height that when you are roughly 6ft tall or so and wearing a hat, the wing is in a blind spot, needless to say, head injuries are sometimes unavoidable.
Moving on….
          So we next drove it with the propeller rather than in drive mode.  I don’t think that anyone was really expecting what would happen next.  For those of you who don’t know, when you start a plane, the wind created by the propeller is much more powerful than I think most people expect.  I was surprised the first time Jesse started the RV 10 and unfortunately found myself the only victim of the minor hurricane created by that propeller.  The RV 10 only has 2 propeller blades and both are shorter than all 4 on the Maverick.  So then when Steve turned away from the adoring Maverick fans, their reward was being caught in the mini hurricane of sand.  Needless to say, the children that were there suddenly thought that this awesome flying car was no longer something to admire, but something to fear.  I watched Steve walk up to a little boy that looked like he was about 2 or 3 and ask him if he liked the Maverick, for an answer, was a terrified, high pitched “No”.
          After dinner we went to the main worship building, this was slightly nicer since that is were a lot of the construction has been happening, but you could tell there was plenty to do still.  We sang some songs, then David, and Steve spoke.  David talked about Grass Roots News and YWAM’s plan to for their 80 day trip and their trip to take the two Mavericks to the Amazon jungle, and that their first stop was going to be at YWAM Orlando, the training area we were at.  Steve talked next, and it was the best that I have ever heard him speak.  He told a little about his life when his dad died, and when he met Ginny, and their kids.  He talked about his daughter Stephanie, when she died, and the anguish he felt.  I had already had a pretty rough day, and tears were not far off, but when he started to cry, I did too. I couldn’t help it, Steve is such a captivating speaker, he brings you right into the situation, it was as close to being there in the room with him when it happened as you can get without actually being there.  By all accounts, Stephanie was an incredible person. Steve related to God’s love for us, His children, to Steve’s love for his children and grandchildren.  I have seen Steve with his children and grandchildren, it is like everyone else’s love for theirs, but with a crucial addition,  Steve lives every moment to the hilt, when he is with his family, he is with his family, he plays with them; he is building a play house in his back yard for them.  He is able to put aside his international responsibilities to play with and love his grandchildren.  So with that in my mind, and then the picture he painted of God’s love for us, I was, as always, awed, not to mention feeling completely undeserving. Steve also talked about missions, and how it is done today, and what we as missionaries need to think about and change, most of what he said is in his DVD Missions Dilemma.  
          ​After he finished speaking about missions, he moved on to explaining our other programs, the Dental, Medical, Optometry… but I left the building.  I walked up to where the truck was parked.  I didn’t know why, I just felt like getting away for a few minutes.  I was in awe of God’s love for me, all he has given me, where he has brought me, and once again realizing how ungrateful I am.  
          We loaded up the Maverick and were out of there by about 9:30.  Steve always stops for ice cream on the way home from speaking somewhere so we spent a lot of time looking for a place to get some.  We then realized that Steve wasn’t behind us, Troy said we better call.  Steve once got in a car to drive home from Atlanta while he was on the phone, two hours later he hung up the phone and realized that he was in Chattanooga, not heading south on I-75.  When he answered my call, I asked him if he was in Miami yet.  They had just gone back cause someone riding with him left their camera case.  We stopped at the last McDonalds before home, but their ice cream machine wasn’t working, so we just went home.  
It was an awesome trip, and I look forward for many to come, hopefully soon!  I love and miss all of you so much and cant wait to see you all in a few weeks.  Have a great day, and thank you all so much for your prayers and support.

Your brother in Christ,